YouTuber 'Blue' Accused in $1.5 Million Crypto Scam

Crypto sleuth ZachXBT has unveiled an investigation into a YouTuber known as "Blue," alleging involvement in multiple crypto scams used to steal over $1.5 million. The scams reportedly involved phishing techniques using NFT drainer tech Monkey and other similar services.

YouTuber 'Blue' Accused in $1.5 Million Crypto Scam

The Accusation

Crypto sleuth ZachXBT has alleged that a YouTuber known as "Blue" or Jack, who initially gained popularity through gaming and trolling videos, has been involved in multiple crypto scams. These scams reportedly used phishing techniques with NFT drainer tech Monkey and other similar services to steal over $1.5 million.

The Investigation

ZachXBT's investigation into Blue's alleged scams took a deeper turn when a leaked post from Blue's personal Snapchat revealed the ENS address cool-breeze.eth.

This address was used to purchase Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) 8668 in October 2022.

Upon examining the funding of this address, ZachXBT found inflows of more than 85 ETH, approximately one-third of the stolen funds, directly from eight or more addresses involved with Monkey Drainer phishing scams. Monkey Drainer is infamous for having stolen $24 million.

The Discord Revelations

On Discord, Blue reportedly boasted about his BAYC purchase and shared his scamming methods.

Screenshots from an internal Discord server indicated Blue was instructing others in his scamming techniques.

However, Blue was allegedly robbed of his BAYC in late 2022 after a dispute with Monkey over a phishing scam.

The Luxurious Lifestyle

Undeterred by this setback, Blue allegedly continued scamming with new ENS addresses. The stolen funds were reportedly spent on luxury items, including watches, cars, shoes, and Roblox items, as well as gambling on Stake. Blue allegedly flaunted these purchases on his personal Snapchat.

The Twitter Scams

Blue's primary method of scamming reportedly involved spamming on Twitter with verified accounts.

Two recent victims of such scams were @g13m and @ystrickler. @g13m was phished for 61.5 ETH and 93.3K USDT (approximately $213k) by a fake Doodles site. After the drainer fee, Blue allegedly received 49 ETH and 74K USDT. Another theft involved @ystrickler, who had a Milady & Squiggle NFTs phished, worth around 12 ETH. After the drainer fee, Blue allegedly received 10.3 ETH.

ZachXBT expressed disgust at the lack of remorse shown by these phishing scammers and their lavish spending of stolen funds. He has shared additional information about Blue with multiple victims to help bring legal action against him. The crypto community is now on high alert, with many condemning the alleged actions of Blue and calling for increased security measures to prevent such scams.

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