Revolutionizing AI Art: Midjourney's Photo Uploads for Effortless Prompts

Discover Midjourney's new Describe feature that simplifies generative AI art by using photo uploads as a basis for creative projects.

Revolutionizing AI Art: Midjourney's Photo Uploads for Effortless Prompts

Introducing Describe: Midjourney's New Feature

Digital artists are always on the lookout for fresh prompts to inspire the next big thing in AI art. Midjourney, a generative AI design site, has recently launched a new feature called Describe. This innovative tool allows creators to upload a picture as the foundation for their art projects, eliminating the guesswork from generating photos and art.

How Describe Works: Upload and Transform

Using Describe is as simple as any other Midjourney command. Instead of typing /imagine, creators use /describe. Once the command is entered, a drop/drag box appears, allowing the creator to upload a picture they want to use as the basis for their creation.

For instance, let's say we used a famous picture of John Whiteside Parsons, co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech). Parsons was an enigmatic figure who was also a follower of British occultist Aleister Crowley.

After uploading the image to Midjourney, the AI provided four options for generating the next picture. We selected "an old photograph of a man holding a wire, in the style of gritty Hollywood glamour, synthetist innovator --ar 16:9."

Midjourney then produced four images based on the prompt, allowing further variations, upscaling, remastering, or downloading the image.

AI Learning Curve: The Curious Case of Human Hands

Interestingly, Midjourney appears to have addressed a long-standing issue it faced: the inability to convincingly draw hands. Despite incredible advancements in artificial intelligence, generative AI platforms have consistently struggled with creating human hands. Experts believe this is due to a lack of data on the human body, including images of hands provided to the program for processing. With the new Describe feature, it seems the AI is finally learning – an exciting or perhaps unnerving development.

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