OpenAI's ChatGPT on iOS Takes the US by Storm with Half a Million Downloads in a Week

In its first week of availability in the US, OpenAI's ChatGPT iOS app recorded almost half a million downloads. The groundbreaking AI chatbot app now ranks as one of the most popular new apps, surpassing even GPT-4 integrated apps like Microsoft's Bing and Edge on iOS.

OpenAI's ChatGPT on iOS Takes the US by Storm with Half a Million Downloads in a Week

In its first week of release, OpenAI's iOS application ChatGPT has made quite an impression, with almost half a million downloads despite being exclusive to iOS users in the United States. Let's delve deeper into the meteoric rise of this groundbreaking AI chatbot app and what lies ahead for its expansion.

ChatGPT, debuting second only to Truth Social in the biggest app launch rankings, racked up nearly half a million downloads within its first six days, as per's research (reported by TechCrunch). This remarkable start sets ChatGPT apart as one of the most popular apps not just this year but also in comparison to the previous year.

It took some time for ChatGPT to officially land on the App Store, during which numerous clones and alternative AI apps claiming similar functionality took advantage of OpenAI's absence. Nonetheless, ChatGPT has firmly established itself as a top performer on the App Store, even outpacing misleading apps that tricked users into subscribing for AI data services.

Even Microsoft's Bing and Edge apps, with their GPT-4 integration, fell behind ChatGPT in terms of iOS installs in the United States. While Bing and Edge are higher up in the charts considering all downloads, ChatGPT leads when focusing solely on iOS downloads.

These early results are also indicative of the massive user base expansion anticipated when ChatGPT becomes available on Android. Although the timeline for an Android release remains unclear, OpenAI has confirmed that it is underway. Additionally, the app's reach is set to widen when it becomes available in other regions; OpenAI plans to roll out ChatGPT in 11 additional markets worldwide.

Though these initial data points are compelling, they represent just the beginning of the app's market journey. As we obtain more feedback related to market reception, our understanding of the app's demand will become clearer.

To sum it up, OpenAI's ChatGPT app has made a strong entry in the market. It will be fascinating to watch this promising AI chatbot application's progress, from the forthcoming Android release to its expansion across global markets.  

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